There is no love story like Tatia's and Shura Love Story ♥

Tatiana and Alexander (Tatiana and Alexander, #2) - Paullina Simons


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I just can't get over how much IN LOVE I am with these books...with this EPIC and TIMELESS story...with Tatiana and Alexander...
It truly is the most consuming and beautiful love story I ever read! Full of devotion, ache, longing, angst, despair and above all hope. If they were lucky to find each other, they will always find away towards each other. They can conceive a world without the other in it!

So there are love stories and then there are Tatia and Shura story...

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After being torn apart,Tania and Shura are trying to survive in a world consumed by way, trying to survive without each other.

The book goes back and forth with both POV's...showing her journey to her new life in NY, with their son Anthony.
And showing how Alex tale of survival, from the NKVD interrogations, to the penal battalion to POW camps. We also get several "flashbacks" of Shura's life before the war, since he was a little kid leaving America for Soviet Union to many key moments of his life, that molded him to the man we first met in the previous book!


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She is most definitely one of my favorite heroines EVER! The most selfless, brave and resilient character! 
She never gives up and she will do everything for the love of her life!

How can she go on, if she left her soul behind?

“Live as if you have faith,” she said, “and faith shall be
given to you.” 


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Shura, Shura, my precious Shura <3 
Could I love him more? I don't think so! What he went through in this book just broke my heart...constantly holding on in his memories of her,of his everything. At all costs he must survive and get back to her. No matter how impossible it seems, he will never give up.

The flashbacks gave a whole new take on his actions and all he went through. Even as a teen he truly was the wise one, and could see what his parents denied to see.
And then,we see how one moment changed the course of his life forever.

In the whole book, many of his chapters were the most heartbreaking I ever read and left me a sobbing mess...from the bittersweet memories of Lazarevo, where he felt everything he hoped for slipped through his fingers, to the last time he saw his father, or the "delusions" he had with Tatia and with his father...

"Don't worry, Dad. I'll make you proud. I'll be ungreedy and unselfish, unprideful and unvengeful. I'll be as hard a man as they come. Let's go. I'm ready."
"I don't want you to be a hard man, Alexander. I want you to be a good man."Harold paused. "A better man than me." 

You are Shura, you sure are!


I'm starting to lack words to describe how I think this series is PERFECTION! 
It'll stay with my forever and ever!

Now, did you get how much I love this book? ;)

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