Tamed - Douglas R.   Brown What if I told you Werewolves are real?They no longer belong in myths or legends...they've became a reality. So real they've became the new favorite pets. Only if you're wealthy enough to buy them. " How would you like to own your very own,pureblood werepet? These magnificent cousins to the wolf are safe,tame, and 100% loyal. One of these werepets can be yours for the very reasonable price of $250,000!" When Christine is attacked by a werepet gone rogue, her friend Billy is missing and the strange men that saved her insist that it was a coyote attack...she begins to wonder how really tame werepets can be? And how it's connected to the strange effects she is suffering?(**spoilers alert**)There were some scenes that completely creeped me out and INFURIATE me...in case you're wondering, yes, Christine and Aiden discover that werewolves are indeed humans. Being sold like animals for the better profit. All thanks to that evil and sadistic bastard called Henderson, he was the one that 30 years before discovered that werewolves did exist, so he goes there and hunt them down with his team, leaving one (The First) in order to make more of them, in a control way and of course to make him filthy rich....So yeah, in all this years he would kidnap people he thought no one would give a damn, like homeless people...who would notice if one disappear? And then he would transform them and with a chip, making sure they could never return to their human form.Truly in this story, the demons and beast are people like him and some of their team, that knowing the truth kept doing the same.What creeped me out? It was a certain dinner where the delicacies where rare animals, and of course, Henderson, give them the rarest of them *shuddersOverall i did enjoyed the story, the action was so well delivered and many of the side plots were decisive in the outcome of it all. The thing is I didn't connect that much with the characters and i didn't buy the insta-love in this one...connection, gratitude? Sure, but that love so fast and while constantly running for their lives, i didn't get that.Oh and I just said HELL TO THE YEAH with Henderson ending... 3.5 wolfy Stars **egalley kindly provided by Rhemalda Publishing via netgalley in exchange of a honest review**