The Secret (Highlands' Lairds #1) - Julie Garwood I need to say first how just lovely was the prologue, showing how the friendship between Judith and Frances Catherine begun. Just so endearing and just heartwarming,really.Judith and Frances Catherine become friends before knowing that they should be enemies. But at the age they understood the differences between them (Judith is English while Frances is Scottish) it didn't matter anymore, they were the best friend that they could have.Now several years later, Frances is almost giving birth, so she "collects" the oath her husband gave her, of going to bring Judith to her. Oh yes, Judith promised many years before she would be there for the birth of her child. Anyway, the one that was to go get Judith, was Patrick's brother Iain, laird of the clan. And he sure didn't believe an Englishwoman would keep her word. He would be surprise and caught by her!And oh boy, will sparks fly!!!Just LOVED this one!Lot's of romance, possessive highlanders...seriously he just said to her "I'm keeping you",LMAO!And of course, heroines with a strong personality (yaaay)!Some parts did bother me, not plot wise, but regarding some of the beliefs of the church of that time. It made me angry, how if a woman died in childbirth she couldn't go to heaven and she would be buried with thieves and murderers. Or if a woman was pregnant she couldn't go to church, because she wasn't clean.Anyway, one of the things that i loved about Judith, it was how she saw the wrong in this, and it was set in trying to change some of the things.So...It was my first Julie's Garwood book but it most definitely won't be my last one!So bring it more HIGHLANDERS!!!!!!