The Wedding (Lairds' Fiancées, #2) - Julie Garwood Lady Brenna was in the Highlands because her father got her an arranged match. However on her journey, a fierce group of highlanders (painted like they were going to war),say she is going to wed her leader, Connor. Connor reminds her that she did asked him to marry her 3 times and that he is finally accepting. A bold move for a women of that time,right? Lets just say that she was a toddler when she ask him, barely not remembering that she actually did it.So in order to save her fathers soldiers, she agrees to marry him. And Connor wants to marry her on an act of revenge, agaist her former betrothed, the man he thinks is responsible for his father death!But it comes a time, where the reasons they got married ceases to exist and the attraction they feel for each other threatens to overwhelm them! He knew exactly why he'd needed her so much. He'd been living with rage for such a long time, and she was such a gentle,loving spirit. He'd needed her to breathe,to feel...Seriously you guys, it seems it won't be soon that I get off this highlander stories mood. THIS IS JUST SO GOOD!!! 4 stars