Fugitive (Heroes for Hire, #8) - Shirlee McCoy Laney never expected that after 13 years, the first time she would see Logan again, would be with him wounded,handcuffed and asking for help.Logan was convicted by a crime he didn't commit and when he was going to jail, someone tried to kill him and the guards, where he nearly didn't escape. Now, while running from the police and the people who wants him dead, he must try to prove his innocence. Sometimes, the worse things we've ever lived through make us the best people we could ever hope to be. Laney had a terrible childhood, with abusive parents that for the whole society, seemed to be the perfect citizens and people. Such an example that they would take foster kids into their care just for appearances sake. And well, Logan was one of them. But instead of running away, he stayed because of Laney and helped her escape her life.Through the story we could see how connected this 2 are, how even after 13 years they still cared deeply for each other. And it was a point that i enjoyed in the story (also all the "fugitive scenes" that kept reminding me of the Harrison Ford movie...i'm weird, i know).I thought it was clever who the culprit really was and how he was manipulated by their mother...that woman was just evil!! and well I do hate her parents!!! 2.5 stars