Yours Truly - Kirsty Greenwood If you're looking for a FUN and light read, this one is for you!!!Sure you had said a little white lie, right? To not hurt someone feelings or to spare your own.The thing is Natalie is constantly saying it. No,I'm not saying she is a compulsive liar, she got to the point she doesn't want to let anyone down. So the story starts with her at the hairdresser...where she gets the most HIDEOUS haircut ever, just weeks before her wedding.She wants to say something...that she hate it, that it's awful, that she is not going to pay for it...but she doesn't want to hurt her feelings so she lies.Then, she got home and her sister and mom,have bought her wedding dress!!! How in the world she doesn't have the right to choose her dress? And this one is ugly, it have all the things she doesn't like in a dress. And of course, she can't say she loathes the dress?To put the cherry in the top of the cake, she have dinner with her fiance....he made it himself! Oh a guy that can cook, pretty much heaven? Wrong! It taste like rabbit food, and she is the expert,her dream is to become a chef.To add to that, the sex is just blagh, she never have orgasms with him...At this point, we already establish she have a BIG problem. We just want her to tell everyone what she is really thinking... and OH BOY, do we get that!!!One night, she goes to the hypnotist with her best friend Meg... and while everyone things the Amazing Brian is a fake, because it didn't worked on Meg, Natalie discovers the hard way she was the one hypnotized.Are you guessing, how did she finds out?After her fiance asks after sex, " How was that, then, baby?" " Well, you know. Short. Could have been longer. Longer time wise, I mean, not willy wise, though of course, that would be lovely too. I didn't have an orgasm, but what else is new,hey? You've left me unsatisfied, if truth be told, Olly." Yep, every time anyone ask her a question, she has to tell the absolute TRUTH! What can only delivers truly hilarious and embarrassing moments!Now Natalie must track down the hypnotist to make him, turn it off.... how else she is going to get married or live like a normal person?In the quest to find Brian, she meets Rilley.She never got so attracted to anyone before...Oh wonderful sexual tension!Everything just gets complicated, when you can only say the truth,right?I just loved this story, it cracked me up and made me feel all fuzzy inside,ehehe.Just FUN, FUN, FUN!! **5 hilarious stars **