Mine Till Midnight - Lisa Kleypas gahhhhh *too many feelings*So here i start Lisa's other series, The Hathaways and then we get to see more of my beloved Wallflowers characters...in fact, the main in this story is Cam!!!! *fangirling I got to say, that before i tought that Daisy would end up with Cam (after that kiss, how woudn't i think that?)...so when she ended up with Matthew, i was not per se disapointed, i just wanted to know more about Cam. But oh boy, it so deserved the waiting and totally blew me away. I just LOVE this book, and that first part of the story in London, how Amelia and Cam met, and the scene that ended up with that freakin hot kiss, just knocked me out my feet (i highlighted the whole damn scene :P)... yes i lost coherent toughts many times through the whole book, and i surely don't regret nothing!