Gabriel's Inferno - Sylvain Reynard I really liked this book. The style of writing of this one was different (i must add a good different) because in many ways it seems more philosofical and depth that other romances i read. And oh boy, i sure learned a LOT about Dante, his work and of course Beatrice. And i loved it! It gave more depths to the characters, knowing their field of work and passion for it. Many of the scenes were has dark like those medieval times, which set the mood really good.The backstory of this 2 was just amazing and intriguing, and i must confess, that was just poetic.Now,my problem with the book? Nope, it wasn't Gabriel, i did think he was a mean bastard in the begining BUT he did realized that (and tried to atone), and in truth, he became my favorite character. He is just fascinating! Dark and misterious, so inteligent and have a way to words that made my knees go weak , protective, dominearing but thoughtfull and romantic. My problem was with Julia, although she kind of redeem herself a little when she shows more personality or just a backbone. I mean, in half of the book she was just to shy and always looking at her feet, what frustated me to no end.*sigh