Size 12 Is Not Fat - Meg Cabot "Size 12 is not fat" it's a fun, entertaining and light read.The story is told on Heather's POV, and she can be hilarious... a former pop star (that LOADS her songs)and that it's now working on a residence hall. And then, a girl is found dead and she starts investigating.She made me crack up,always saying to her self "size 12 is not fat, it's the size of the average american women", or when she tries "the vulcan mind suggestion", or where she is so in love with Cooper that while talking to him, she imagines him finally telling he loves her and so on. And yes, she even imagine 3 kids, from which she already have a name for them.So off to read the nex one, where i hope i'll find more Heather/Cooper action in it :D