Size 14 Is Not Fat Either - Meg Cabot I find Heather Wells a really amusing character... and a lot of scenes where i could relate to her (like the scene she starts ranting how she doesn't get why she go months where nothing of unusual happens to her to BANG, all happen at once).She does imo, talk to much about food, don't get me wrong, i LOVE food and yes, i'm fat..BUT the way she just talks about the bagel full of cream and bacon (many times, in the books) is just not appealing to me.Anyway, of course in this one, we have another mystery, in fact, a head is found on a pot in the dorm kitchen. And of course, Heather is on it, although Cooper (*sigh) just tell her not to be involved.Still, Cooper doesn't have much "screen time" (i'm greedy, i know) but we do have some funny moments with Gavin, the film grad student, prone to do stupid stuff (like in the previous book, doing elevator surfing).This series are just a great light and fun read.