Smile for Me - T.J. Dell rating : 3.5 starsSo this book is actually a fun and light read. I caught myself actually laughing out loud with some of the scenes.It's quite a refreshing story, mainly because it's from a guy POV, in this case Marshall. And he is funny, smart and have this HUGE crush on his neighbor and classmate. The thing is, she barely knows he exists, and that's weird, because besides living next to each other, they have classes together, and he is quite a popular guy (without being obnoxious, he is actually a pretty cool and nice guy).What made me laugh so much? It was actually all the daydreams about her, and what he calls "Kim Penney Fantasy of the Day #1 ".Now, i only don't rate this book higher, because i didn't found Kim particularly interesting, in many parts she was way to dense, and her personality just didn't click to me.