Elemental: The First - Alexandra May I think this book had great potential, the story line was original and like never i ever read before. Many times i caught myself thinking, hmm this is interesting but in overall it was just so frustrating!!!My major issues were the characters, i couldn't connect with them at all. If i did in one particularly scene, it would appear another moment and i would be likeAnd i got to say, especially regarding to Rose, she contradicted herself constantly,to a point i just didn't know what her feeling were regarding Aiden and Morgan.Regarding to the story (and one very intriguing prologue), it took to much to develop,i expected that many of the main plot would be know at least into a previous point, not less than 10% to the end. Despite all this issues, there were several scenes that i did enjoyed it but overall, this book just isn't for me..*egalley kindly provided by Alexandra May via Netgalley in exchange of a honest review *