The Unidentified Redhead (Redhead, #1) - Alice Clayton So this book is just so much FUN (and so HOT)!!!First i got to say, that this is ultimately a fangirl book, well a fangirl fantasy.I mean who never had any fantasy with an actor?*yes, i'm pointing at you* We all had (or have *cough*) those moments, all wrapped in what i like to call, my own personal bubble of joy.Anyway, this is the story, of Grace and Jack, of Nuts Girl and Sweet Nuts, of Gracie and the new "it" boy of the entertainment industry. He is one of the most talked actors and have one of the most anticipated movies coming out.Now get the fangirling?Back to the story, it was a real fun read. I enjoyed the fact that Grace is an actress, in fact, trying to have a second shot to succeed. She doesn't want to give up her dream, she is just a strong, confident and sassy woman.Then she meets Jack, and sparks fly, the teasing and the chemistry really of the charts.And how awesome it is that she is older than him? (she is 33 and he is 24 ^^).And well, Jack is kind of perfect. Besides being so gorgeous it could be a sin (aha, cheesy line i know but i couldn't resist),witty,modest, down to earth, funny, can play the guitar (yep,long fingers) and he have a british accent!!Jack...Ok, i do have a thing for a british accent...Anyway, if your looking for a fun, light and full of steammy scenes, i recommend that you give this book a try :)