Elfin (The Elfin, #1) - Quinn Loftis I'm a big fan of the Grey Wolves series so it was no surprise that I was looking forward to read a new series from Quinn Loftis.And oh boy, it sure didn't disappoint, we have a kick ass heroine (yes, a heroine with personality and witty), a possessive bad ass hero, a sarcastic and hilarious best friend and lots of great characters in between.So it starts when Cassie, and ordinary high school student came across to what no human should ever seen, risking for that her life.She came across to the world of the Elves, the Light and the Dark Elves. And yes, she stumbles in a room to the most feared spy and assassin of the elves, Trik. The thing is, they are drawn to each other, even more, their souls are drawn to each other, Cassie, a human, is the Chosen of Trik. She is the mate, his other half,that he waited for more than a thousand years. You have been given a gift and gifts are not always deserved, but they should always be accepted. And in what Cassie is pure and innocent, Trik is dark and unmerciful.Between an endless battle between the Dark and Light Elves, a race must be united, plans to subjugate the human realm must be stopped, loyalties will be tested...Can Trik believe there is still something worthy of salvation and can Cassie overcame his past and became his future?Elfin it's a great start for a new series, the action and the emotions where escalating through the book, leaving us readers begging for more.I loved Trik!! He is such an alpha male, cocky, with a deadly and quite confident aura about him. He is possessive and jealous... He wanted every male to know that she was his and to pursue her would be their demise. Was he overreacting? Probably. Did he care? Nope. Inhumanly beautiful, in his human and elf form, but he just have eyes for Cassie. He could do anything for her.And well i really liked that, at least at first impressions, he is the bad guy, he did awful things, having in Cassie an opportunity to step away from the darkness and truly grasp happiness.In the other hand, i just loved Cassie. She is witty... "Oooh, just what I've always wanted. A man whose job title had the word ass in it not once, but two times." ...loyal and fierce, and it's endearing when bottom line she doesn't care of what he did before he met her. She sees goodness in him and she doesn't want to give up on himAfter that cliffhanger, i can't wait for the next installment of this series and to know what happens, to Trik, Cassie, Elora and Cush.