If I Stay - Gayle Forman " Well, what is this? What am I coming to? And beyond that, what am I gonna do? Now there's blankness Where once your eyes held the light But that was so long ago That was last night Well, what was that? What's that sound that I hear? It's just my lifetime It's whistling past my ear And when I look back Everything seems smaller than life The way it's been for so long Since last night Now I'm leaving Any moment I'll be gone I think you'll notice I think you'll wonder what went wrong I'm not choosing But I'm running out of fight And this was decided so long ago It was last night " All it took was one second...she closed her eyes and everything changed. The unthinkable happened...and now she have to make a choice.I got to say that reading this story, i felt like I have been punched in the gut several times, it truly is such an emotional read. And it felt real, because I kept thinking how unfair it all was...why them? And I guess it all happened to each one of us before, when we question why bad things happens to good people.The accident scene, i was in shock and crying through it. I knew it was coming but I was still hoping it was all just a twisted dream. It just couldn't be real.And well, getting through the day in Mia's life while she remembered so many past moments, where just bittersweet and endearing. We get a chance to "meet" and know more about the most important people in her life...from her cool and awesome parents, to her lovable younger brother Teddy, her "groovy" and romantic boyfriend Adam, her best friend Kim and her grandparents. We get a glimpse of who she is and many of her defining moments, or at least moments that stayed with her.And i just love how music is the soul of the story, it was what connected her parents, what connected her and Adam...they all lived music. I can't say much more, because i don't want to spoil anyone... I can say that i just couldn't stop reading, it was just such a beautiful and heartbreaking story.