Playing the Maestro - Aubrie Dionne Melody is a musician, a flutist in a orchestra. And she had just sworn off dating (or trying to) any other musician? Why? Because they're self centered,egotist and arrogant bastards.Here enters Wolf (haha, i just love the name), the new conductor....all dashing and magnetic. But well, the first impressions between them isn't the best. It just seems he can't stand her.The thing is she reminds him of her ex (a crazy, conning and self centered b*tch) so he just assume she is from the same cloth.Between a rival set on making her loose her job, trying to reinvent the orchestra and keeping both their jobs...will love get in the way?I think I have a thing for stories that are related to music. I love it when an author is showing us the favorite music and bands of the character. In this one, they live for music, and their passion for classic music was great to read. The way it was described the way they played and the emotions they felt and the audience felt, was just great.