From Rags - Suzanne  Wright Jaxxon and Connor grew up together in a foster house... They're were always together and he was constantly protecting her from others.Until the day he was 16 and left the house, promising her he would be back! She never saw him since then.To make matters worse, after he left, the few people she cared about, left her too...The last blow, was her sister leaving her and telling her how Connor was her boyfriend and how he always ended up around Jaxx for pity. " One thing that had kept Jaxxon from losing herself so far and avoiding the bitterness that consumed Leah was to roll with the punches. Just accept that suffering was part of life. The whole 'woe is me' thing wasn't for her. After all, what was so special about her that meant she could flit through life without pain while others were swamped by it?" We encounter her 6 years later, and she is working in a bar, in that same bad old neighborhood...still trying to survive. Until she is chosen to be the model, the face of a higly expected new cosmetic line, Allure.Connor in the other hand is one of the most successful F1 pilots, he have everything he asked for...until the day he sees in a magazine the face of the one he never forgot.And now is just a matter of time until this 2 run into each other...Ok you guys, this book was AMAZING!!!and did i mentioned HOT?Seriously, the sexual tension between this 2 killed me!!!!! The chemistry just through the roof that i felt like I was burned...gosh, some SIZZLING scenes between them.I loved both characters, especially Jaxxon...she is blunt, sometimes a bitch, swears like a sailor and loyal to a faul. She is just a kick ass and just awesome heroine.*sigh* Connor...he is intense, magnetic and let's just say an all alpha male. He can be stupid or a little slow to understand his own feelings (facepalm) but when he does, it's like fireworks.And that epilogue, was just PERFECT!!Loved this book