Dare You To (Pushing the Limits, #2) - Katie McGarry Can i just say how much i love the cover of this book? To say i was excited to start this one, it feels like an understatement. I LOVED Pushing Limits and it sure have a place among my favorite books.And this time we get Beth story... "How many more of us are faking a facade? How many more of us are pretending to be something we're not? " We know Beth, the tough girl that don't take crap for anyone. She is loyal to Noah and Isaiah and she does anything to protect her mom.Even to go to jail.But she didn't expect that her uncle Scott ( her father's brother) comes in her life, and make a deal she can't refuse. Or she goes with him or her mom goes to jail.Ryan, is a popular guy, captain of the baseball team, the pitcher star, the golden boy, the jock. It seems that his life couldn't be more perfect, but his family is falling apart and he doesn't know what his dreams truly are.They both crash into each other lives, and what it seemed nothing more than a dare becomes so much more.Ok i must admit i wasn't sure about Ryan. From the previous book, i was convinced it would be all about Beth and Isaiah. And oh boy, i was soooo wrong. I LOVE Ryan, he was perfect with all his imperfections. He starts paying attention to Beth, to really see her, the little girl she was and the woman she can be. "By listening, I found a person loyal to those she loves. It was the first unedited glimpse into a girl that holds everything inside" Beth story is just heartbreaking. And it's hard to read a person that tries so much and is constantly hurt by the people she loves the most. She doesn't believe that she is worthy of love, that someone like Ryan could want to be with a girl like her. " My heart has been ripped multiple times and each time I repaired it on my own. I know my limits and if someone rips me apart again, I'll never find the strength to pick up the pieces." But this is also a time for self discovery and for let people in. To try to find hope and love she thought she could never have.This was just such an amazing read!!!Another emotional roller coaster, another book filled with emotions. We get dysfunctional families, hurt, violence BUT also friendship, love, dreams and hope. And i loved both characters.Ah and yes, we do get some glimpses of Noah and Echo too!Now i can't wait for Isaiah's book :)*ARC kindly provided by Harlequin Limited via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review