Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not? - Thompson Square, Travis Thrasher There comes a point when everybody has to grow up and realize the dream isn't going to happen. When the silence and the dim light of the room aren't just a snapshot of your evening, but of your life. When the music doesn't matter anymore and the words are no longer there. When you realize the world isn't listening and maybe never listened to begin with. Daniel and Casey met in high school. With a bumping start, they got together for a math assignment, that combined their true passion, Casey for writing and Daniel for music. So they become friends and later an unlikely couple. When they're together, magic happens, words and melody flew between them, and songs are written.And well, the story goes between present and past...showing us how their relationship grew and how their choices molded their present.Because personal conflicts, their differences or even what both wish for their lives, they can't deny what they have when they're together...Even if life was constantly kept them apart and breaking them down, they only need each other.So this story have 2 elements that i LOVE :1) a couple that even if they aren't together through the years, you know they're perfect for each other and meant to be. And you're rooting for them all the way!2) MUSIC!!! The music is one of the main character in the book, we feel Daniel's love for music and how it's so intrinsically together with their story...We get in this journey with this two, feel all the angst, the love, the hope...and smiling through it all. "I want to stand for something in a world where 'something' means very little. I want to find love that resembles the songs and poems written about it. I want to wake up and wonder what I'm going to do and now how I'm going to help some machine become bigger. I want my words to count and mean something. I want to tell some beautiful stories." ***ARC kindly provided via netgalley in exchange of a honest review****