Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror, #1) - Karina Halle I'm one of those people that aren't a big fan of horror movies... well, i must correct, just many of those movies that made nowadays, all gore and who makes the most disgusting scenes ever.However i'm a fan of horror/thrillers , like Hitchcock movies...the whole atmosphere of those movies are just creepy and awesome.And why I'm talking about movies in a book review? Well because Karina Halle is one of those authors, whose stories feels like cinematographic to me. And just let me say, this one would make one hell of a movie.Now to the book, i LOVED it!!! And i was caught by surprise how much i loved it, because it was CREEPY...really CREEPY!!But also hilarious, Dex and Perry are just awesome. Those characters you wish you knew and they were your BFF's, wishing their awesomeness could rub on you (ok, that did sound a bit weird but moving on)!So to the story, 22 years old Perry, it's a receptionist but she feels she is meant for something more in life, something special.Then enters Dex in her life, well more bump into her and scared the hell out of her... Nope, he is far from ugly or *creep alert, it's more because they run into each other in an abandoned old lighthouse.In a night full of strange noises, shadows...it must all have an explanation, she doesn't believe in ghosts. Ghost aren't real, are they?They end up teaming up together and go back to the lighthouse, to try to pitch a web show....and so it all begins.Oh and did i said this 2 are actually HILARIOUS... one of the times i was reading while drinking tea, not such a good idea it was the scene he called her, faking a accent ...hilarious . And i LOVE them together!! Knowing he has a girlfriend, kind of p*ssed me off, i want to play matchmaker with this 2. Anyway, just need to go read the next book ;)A big thank you to Georgia :D Your reviews made me want to read this series so badly, and well, after this one, i'm officially hooked on them ^^