Red Fox (Experiment in Terror, #2) - Karina Halle I do think this series should came with 3 warnings :* This is scary stuff. Maybe you shouldn't read it while home alone and at night** Highly addictive series!!! You will just crave for more ** You'll love Dex and Perry dearly but without a doubt, You'll have a HUGE crush on Dex...just no way around it* Anyway, back to the story!This time our favorite duo, awesome but crazy Perry and Dex,will go to shoot an episode in the desert. In a town called Red Fox, where strange events have been happening.At first sight, they think it might be poltergeists... " Poltergeists, for the most part,seemed to be pretty unhappy spirits with a vendetta against humanity and an eye for trickery. I knew that if I died I'd definitely come back as one. It actually was quite appealing, throwing shit around and scaring hapless people out of their homes, just to be an ass. I started looking forward to "meeting" these asshole ghosts" But of course it's so much more than that, and it seems that only by being there, Perry unleashed even more dark events from the damn crow attack (it confirms why i'm not a big fan of birds, gosh...that scene totally freaked me out), to the nearly rape and claws attack, to nearly being stuck in that tent, to the "bear attack....notice that i wrote attack several times :X This series is so much more than the horror/supernatural elements, the characters are just so real and relatable, especially Perry. The easy bantering, the sarcastic replies and the connection between Dex and Perry is just amazing. I stop counting the times i bursted out laughing or just grinning (or what i like to call, doing my stupid face) while reading it...and then get frustrated at both of them. So much angst *gahhhAnyway, I'll just say that I'll go down with this ship! 5 CREEPY AND AWESOME STARS