Old Blood - Karina Halle " All that stand out are the important moments, the moments, big and small, that shaped the path I chose. The same path that led me to my death. And led me to you both. " This is Pippa's story and how she became the "creepy clown lady"...And let me tell you her story is heartbreaking. Sure she made mistakes and many times she was selfish. She was just flawed like everyone else and ultimately she didn't deserved that ending.It's true that the people we love the most have the power to destroy us. We handle them the key in hope they'll treasure it and not trow it away.So we learn how critical moments in her life shaped her path. We are the choices we make,right?But if someone told you if you made a certain choice it would end badly for you? Would you still do it?Gosh, learning Pippa's story is also learning more about Dex and Perry...and so many scenes, regarding Dex's childhood just infuriate me!!Anyway, if you're reading the series, DON'T SKIP the novellas...I'll repeat...DO NOT SKIP the novellas!Off to the next one ;)