The Dex-Files - Karina Halle It's Dex time...*breathes deeply * To say I was excited to read this one, is putting it quite mildly. Since the 1st book, I wished i could get in Dex's head, even for a little bit (that sounds a bit creepy but i don't care,lol). He can be such an enigma, a puzzle I want to solve *sighOh Dex the things you do to me...Yes, You're my #1 book boyfriend.Anyway, Yes I do know he can be an ass. And a douchecanoe. And cocky. And a perv. (and how i love that,eheh)!!But then he is intense and vulnerable. And once he gives his heart is forever. Plus, he does have a wicked sense of humor. "All right, I know what you're thinking. I'm a crude man-whore. And I couldn't argue with you. If it looks like a pig and fucks like a pig, it's a pig."And well, this book just killed me...reliving some of the scenes in his POV was just too muchNeither to say I LOVED every second of it!!!! 5 ADDICTED TO DEX STARS