Into the Hollow  - Karina Halle Oh the things this series does to me...It's just...So Into the Hollow picks up right after On demons Wings and Perry had to get away from her parents house. The only solution? Moving in with Dex...HELL YEAH!!And with that comes the opportunity to give Experiment in Terror another chance. Only this time, they're not facing ghost or demons but chasing a urban legend. Now, monsters do not exist, do they?With Perry and Dex's luck, I let you think about it,ahaha.Dex is a new man (like Perry says, Dex 2.0) and he is trying to make amends. "I was trying to be a better man, Perry. For you." I shifted in my seat."Dex...""And I'll keep trying,"he quickly said,voice low and somber."Until I get it right." But of course he is still cocky, a perv and wicked... And how I love that!! "You know we could make a clothing optional rule around each other. That way we'd always be naked and never have to do laundry." See what I mean?Anyway, the story is FULL OF ANGST...Also with a lot of bantering from our favorite duo. A lot of action, life or death situations, revelations and epiphanys.And that humans can be also the monsters... Yep, I'm talking about Mitch...that guy creeped me out. And also Christina, she just made such a horrible thing that lead to someone death. hmmm do I really have to say that i LOVED IT?I FREAKIN LOVED IT!!! SO MUCH MORE STARS THAN 5 STARS