Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren ratting clarification : 1.5 stars Well, let the rant begin....Chloe works for Bennett. They hate each other. And yes,Bennett is the Beautiful Bastard. Tall,gorgeous and entirely evil. He was the most self-righteous, pompous prick I'd ever met Now the story did have potential, i love a good enemies-to-lovers story line. Why not this one?Basically on 6% of the book they have have to be same kind of record for a H/h to do the deed so early on in the story. Yes, no kiss building up or so...just BAM.I'm not a prude but basically this all begins with the day on the office...all that hate or so on, not showing a glimpse of sexual tension or so on. She does describe him has an attractive man but apart for that he his an prick. By the end of the day, in the office alone, he starts touching her and then it all went down.Seriously? SERIOUSLY?Because basically the whole story is, they hate each other and then f*ck like rabbits. On heat!!!It's like SLAP,SLAP...BANG BANG And honestly i didn't felt much sexual tension or chemistry... how can be so much sex scenes and i didn't felt that? Some of the scenes are hot out of context, because i just didn't get both of the characters.Oh and did i mention that in each encounter he would rip her panties and take with him...and then put in a drawer in his office.*creep alertI know many loved this book and many in this whole story line did find it ridiculous amusing....i didn't even thought that ( no hot-and-bothered and no ha-ha-moments).Just not a book for me :(*netgalley kindly provided by Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books via Netgalley in exchange of a honest review