The Collector - Victoria Scott Dante Walker is the bad guy. He is conceited, self-absorbed and thinks he is the best think that ever happened to the world.He did at first get on my nerves but then made me laugh like crazy... So, in case you're wondering, Dante Walker is a soul collector. Working for the guy downstairs, he goes around earth to "label souls". When he gives someone his stamp, it means that person did a bad action and so, a step closer to hell.Now, to get a promotion with Boss man, we most collect Charlie's soul in 10 days. He must get her to make a deal, in exchange of wishes , she gave away her soul.So what started with an assignment becomes something more...if in the start he couldn't care why it was important to get Charlie's soul, he soon realize that with her, he was looking and questioning his own humanity or what's left of it.And that was the thing that sold me to this story, i LOVED to see Dante's transformation and above all his journey to see he isn't as bad as he thought and that everyone can get a chance of redemption. And well, it was great to see when we really starts seeing Charlie and fells in love with her. She glances at the rim,takes a deep breath, pulls the ball up --and shoots. It's the world's worst shot. The worst. But it makes me so damn proud I could freakin' scream. *YAAAYY*So if you're looking for a fun read, with action packed scenes and yes, romance too...this one is for you!You sure will be having fun with Dante...You can find this one and more reviews at :A Bookworm Confessions***egalley kindly provided via netgalley in exchange of an honest review***