The Island - Jen Minkman The waves are calling, beckoning me.As my blood turns to water I bleed into the sea.And the current of hope will carry me homeNo woman is an island, and I am not alone. At the tender age of 10 years old, every children on the Island, must say goodbye to their parents and learn to fend for themselves. To learn how to survive, when the rule is the survival of the fittest. They cease to have parents, they can't depend on anyone.Across the island, there is a wall, that separates them of the Fools, the people that believes in waiting for the help, for the outsiders.I do love dystopian novels, I always get fascinated how authors can create this "new world" and new set of rules, leaving always the reader curious, in how things evolved towards that faith.I got to say that the twist and it's extent in this story did caught me by surprise, in a good and also in a bad way. The twist in the story, is that their whole society is based on Star Wars!! Don't get me wrong, i LOVE Star Wars but it did felt weird, to read how they all believe it was real. The names, the lines, i just can't get it over with!! :XJust...I do believe this story had much more potential and the restraints of being a novella showed in this one. I didn't see much character development and i thought that in many ways, the characters seemed bland or just a caricature of themselves. And it seems they take the truth too fast, without really questioning it at first.The really strong point in this story,is that it will make you think in the relativity of fiction. On how something that is fiction for us can become the truth someone else. To read a society that was build in that fiction was really interesting, making me wonder if by chance the favorite book of that first leader, was another one.**ARC kindly provided via netgalley in exchange of an honest review. **