Memoirs of a Gigolo Volume One - Livia Ellis Meet Oliver...What better way to describe him, than sharing what he would write for a personal add... Landed English Lord with country estate. Brown. Green. 6'.160. Athletic. Fit. Harrow and Trinity educated. Bi-curious hedonist. Will leave no sexual leaf unturned. Adores jet-setting playboy lifestyle. Broke as shit. Seeks wife with embarrassing amount of money and generous nature. In exchange for allowing me to continue exploring my sexuality and funding my extravagance, I will make you COUNTESS! It turns out, that aren't many heiresses available to marry him. Too many scandals that scare potential brides.Oliver needs money and have become desperate. In a turn of events, he is propositioned to became an escort... She's pleased. These are the answers she wants. I'm educated, well spoken, good looking. In summary, I can talk pretty and fuck well. In essence I have actually found a use for my college education. It's all good. And so it begins his initiation on this new world...*****In many ways I understood and in other get way to frustrated by Oliver. He is like the modern version of the rakes in the historical fiction. Loved the way it was compared in the book, btw! Where is the ton when we need one?Anyway, Oliver is always looking for an easy way out of his problems. Which way to gain money without much effort? Marriage, gigolo? Oh yes, he doesn't even consider other options! I think even someone broke but with a title and degree, could have some connections to try to get a job. Nope, he doesn't think that!The escort business?I was surprised of how easy he was "convinced" it was a way to gain money. I thought it would take much more for him to take the leap!Oh and I don't have an idea of the "prices" but I thought he was kind of ripped off.He didn't even questioned the price!Wouldn't he ask more? *confused*Still, besides the short comes of the length of the story, it works as a good introduction to it. Although I still feel that Oliver and the other characters are uni-dimensional...thing that hopefully doesn't happens in the next volumes. ***copy kindly given by the author in exchange of an honest review