The Scourge (The Scourge, #1) - A.G. Henley Fenn is Sightless. And in her world means that she is mysteriously protected from the Scourge. So when her mother Aloe become a member of the Three, is now Fenn's responsibility to be the water carrier to her community the Groundlings and to the Lofties.What are exactly the Scourge? The sighted say the creatures bodies are open in patches, weeping pus and thick, dark blood. Their deformed faces are masks of horror. They roam the forests, reeking of festering flesh, consuming anything living. They're the reason why the Groundlings and the Lofties, have to be constantly on guard, in order to survive. To hear the agony of their hunger, smell their disease, feel their hot breath on my skin ... the idea feels me with dread and loathing.Groundlings and Lofties used to be one community. They all lived in the trees where they would be safe from any Scourge raiding. But although they were safe they still have to gather food and protect their resources. So the dark haired were forced to live by the ground, while the fair-haired remained above. By then once a year, the Exchange happened, if a baby was born in the ground fair-haired he must go to live with a Loftie family and vice-versa.So you can imagine, that besides the truce this two have, the tension was palpable.Now the Scourge are closing in, and so Fenn must bring water for her community that hides in the caves and to the Lofties. For that she will have the help of a keeper, Peree, a Loftie that will be there for her protection. Although Fenn should mistrust him, she finds herself liking his companion. He is kind, protective and thoughtful. He is there for her, every step of the way, he is there to comfort her, to entertain her with his stories.In the midst of an eminent war, Fenn and Peree go in a crusade to find another source of water. Does it exist that pure water or is just a myth?Now Fenn and Peree must rely in each other, fighting for their survival and ultimately uncovered many truths about them all.*****This book was just amazing!A rich and complex new world, that makes us question, how humanity got to that point? What caused it all?And gosh, the twist and turns of this story, just knocked me out!! And did I mentioned how action packed it is?Besides that i LOVED Fenn and Peree, they're just wonderful characters.Not an insta-love, it was great to see how everything unfold...and how real it all felt. *sighOh and they're both kick-ass heroes! They both stand for ehat they believe and what's right.So if you're fan of dystopian stories, this one is for you!!For this one and more reviews go to:A Bookworm Confessions**egalley kindly provided via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review! THANK YOU!**