Speechless - Hannah Harrington Everyone knows that Chelsea Knot can't keep a secret Chelsea is part of the popular crowd, she is invited to every party (the important ones) and gathering.Her best friend Kristen is the queen bee of the popular girls and Chelsea her sidekick. The thing about Chelsea is that she can't keep a secret, never had, the moment she knows something, then everyone knows it.Until the night, she told someone secret and someone paid the price, someone nearly got killed.Realizing that by speaking and tell secrets not of her own, she has taken a vow of silence, figuring, if she doesn't speak at all, she won't hurt anyone.Words DO matter, from how you use it or even when you decide not to speak up for what is right.Chelsea does learn that, and even after becoming a social outcast and bullied by her supposed friends, she starts a rout of self discovery, learning to listen and to notice things that always passed her by. Learning to be true for herself and to have her own opinion, without tagging along someone else, trying to be someone that she is not." Hate is...it's too easy,"..."Love.Love takes courage."I really enjoyed this book, it's easy to relate to Chelsea, and see her growing up. I seriously can't imagine me making a vow of silence, and i could appreciate and understand her motivations to do so.Many of my favorite scenes are with her new friends (especially Asha)and how they all interact in the dinner, because their interaction felt effortless and just so cool.*ARC kindly provided by Harlequin Limited via Netgalley in exchange of a honest review*