High Risk Love - Shannon Mayer **4.5 stars In a world so dark, don't let your light fade. Don't let fear rule you. You are his light, and maybe, just maybe he is yours. Dreams are meant to be chased ...Jet is a stuntman. A true rising star in the business.He lives for that adrenaline rush, that makes him feel alive, to feel a purpose in life, to feel is good at something.Above all he follows his motto "FEAR NOTHING"...The thing about Jet is that he is a survivor. His childhood was filled of so much hurt and pain... Worthless.Piece of shit.Dumbass.Disgrace.I felt the words as if they were fists instead of vowels and consonants. They drove deep, circling around what was left of my own belief in who I was. It's been 6 months, since Jasmin lost her brother. Now her debts are building up and she must find a job. Or she will lose everything...her house, her brother's car.Through her friend Lily she got a job opportunity. She must interview Jet and get photographs from the elusive stuntman. And it's imperative, not get involve with him, or she will lose her job.What both of them weren't prepared was to each other, how they both can crumble their walls. The connection is undeniable and the attraction is irresistible...can they stay away or are they willing to risk it all for love? "Everyone has a past, some of it's bad, some of it's good. It's what we choose to do with those parts. Do we let them rule us, or do we use them to better ourselves?"Ok, i just LOVED THIS BOOK!Many could say that it have so much drama or that the many of the characters have just went though so much pain...but I couldn't analyse that, from the very start I was truly emotional involved with this story.I can't remember a book, that made me cry, where I was only 2% in the story, and that's saying something! The book does begins with 2 crucial moments, one of Jet being beaten by his low life father (and wondering if he would survive or not) and Jasmin losing her brother. Two moments that completely broke my heart and made me for that instance on, to root for them.I thought this book was refreshing, the MC's shared their past with each other and just confided at they were feeling. Not all of it, but still, the sharing part was just beautiful.Jet was cocky but incredible vulnerable and Jasmine, besides hurt/grieving she still didn't take crap from anyone.Of course there was a certain point, that i screamed in rage! I couldn't believe the unfold of the events but THANK GOD,things got whole lot better.So yeah, i LOVED this one and I hope that the author will give us Jasper/Lily and Hugh's book!****** Death comes for us allIn tiny little drops, stealing us awayCell by cell,breath by breathFrom the dreams of life as they fadeWe fight, we scream, we pray for respiteBut death comes for us allStealing life, stealing lifeOnly one thing remains,the sparkA piercing star in the darknessBringing us home to a place where our heartsBeat faster, cleaner, purer, the strength of passionA dream.A hope.A love that holds us, embraced in the belief for a momentThat death does not come for us all.In tiny little drops, stealing us awayCell by cell, breath by breathFrom the dreams of life as they sing our dreamsWe laugh, we love, we prayDeath does not come for us all. For this one and more reviews go to: A Bookworm Confessions