Storm (Elementals, #1) - Brigid Kemmerer The Merrick brothers, Michael, Gabriel, Nick and Chris are special.They are pure Elementals, meaning they have an unusual amount of power, with the element they "dominate".And because of that power, the other Elementals feared them and are set on eliminate them. Only a truce made some years ago, stays between them and the ones that want them gone. However, that don't stop the other of bullying them, beat them up, trying to make them lose control, to break the curse and force the Guides, to come and "deal" with the situation.Becca know nothing of this "world" and one night when she sees 2 guys beating up Chris, she goes for it and saves him. And that just made her into the hit list, alongside Chris and his brothers.Now with Hunter, the new kid, antagonizing Kris and trying to win her affection, she must discover which one of them has a hold in her heart and which one isn't telling the whole truth....I'm LOVING this series!It's quite a refreshing story in the paranormal genre and it's quite awesome, to see how they can control or try to control their elements. And especially how each personality match so well their element. His affinity to water made sense. He reminded her of the sea, alluring and mysterious, calm on the surface, with who-knew-what brewing underneath.Besides all the action packed scenes (and they're are amazing and nerve-wrecking), the story has dept,angst,it's witty and overall such a GREAT read. It's easy to connect with them and of course to root for them. 4.5 stars For this one and more reviews go to: A Bookworm Confessions