Wishing Stars: Space Opera Fairytales - Nenia Campbell Come closer, my dears, let me give you a warning,Of the fate that befalls those who stay out past morning,In the darkest hours before the dawn,When witches roam and demons spawn,And children die with spirit gone,Magicked away in the gloaming.In Wishing Stars we have bound up together retold fairy tales and some original poems.I haven't read much sci-fi, which it's kind of odd since I do love it in TV shows and movies (Dr Who, anyone? )! But I'm always up to engage in new stories, even more if I love how the "authors voice".Anyway, so we have 5 retelling of fairy tales, each one in space and involving Aliens. Now, how cool is that?You'll get an unique take on those familiar stories! Now I won't tell much about each story because that would ruin the experience of trying to figure it which tale is it :DI can say that I had 2 favorites among them : Deep Blue Nightmare and Blood of My Blood ! It got me hooked and enthralled in it... and are by far the creepiest of them all,ahah.And the poems?I loved them! I wish I could write like that *sighHere it's an excerpt of one of my favorites:The thing is with the short stories and the poems, you'll want more! My final thought about this one?