Passion Potion - Mary Beth Daniels Jet, our heroine, is failing out of college and is going back home. And now her father tells her that her mother didn't died in a chemistry accident but that she was a witch and died from working in a spell. A spell she promised to someone and that n exchange have in mortgage their house.No, do Jet believe her father?HELL NO! She thinks he is going nuts, and just for that reaction, i found the story really refreshing,aha!But well, after some strong evidences that he is telling the true, is now up to her to try to find a way to fix the potion her mother was working with.However,she have a little problem, it seems she isn't an enchantress but a nix, meaning she have small magical abilities.Now between finding her match in a bowl , trying to escape a dark enchanter , she must found a way to discover the truth behind her mother actions and her new world.I really liked Jet's character,i found her hilarious and just with a great personality! Just like the visions of my future with Caleb had popped into my head without warning, I now saw a dark future without him, totally weird stuff - a menacing forest, a mob with - what? Torches?Good grief. This wasn't Beauty and the Beast. Unless Caleb was the beauty- She finds a way to find humor in all the crazy things that keep popping out in her life!So overall, it was fun and enjoyable read! 3 stars ***egalley kindly provided via netgalley in exchange of an honest review