Wallbanger - Alice Clayton If you want a fun (and hilarious) read and just FULL OF SEXUAL TENSION, well, this book is for you!!!This is the story about Caroline aka Pink Nightie Girl and Simon aka Wallbanger (which let's face it, best nickname ever,eehe).Anyway Caroline is a designer (quite successful), have 2 crazy best friends, an amazing boss and a whole new apartment. And what the problem is exactly? Two really, the first is her missing O (not Oprah) and the second her walls are being banged but not by her, by her neighbor, who she have not meet but indeed heard wonders of him ( a man that can make a woman meow that saying something).So in one night, full of sexual frustration and tired of her oversexed neighbor she confronts him...and well, it doesn't turned exactly how she expect it.Eventually, with some surprises in the mix, they have a truce and become friends, with a crazy sexual tension going on.About the characters, i loved Caroline and Simon. Caroline is a smart, sassy, witty and confident woman. The only problem, was nearly the end of the book i was just " can you shut up a bit about your O? gosh", but i still can forgive her that.Simon *le sigh* Wallbanger, you dear, are precious! You have the whole package *snorts* , yes pun intended. Gorgeous, funny, witty,sarcastic, sweet, confident but not an arrogant bastard, and an outdoorsy kind of guy. Oh and did i said that he is a photographer?Yes, Simon...(oh and i loved the texts between this 2 ^^).If you are looking for a fun book, i totally recommend this one =)