Reflected in You (Crossfire Trilogy Series #2)

Reflected in You - Sylvia Day ( made by Kris & me ~ *pssst* You rock Kris!!!)What to say about this book?It's like watching a disaster that you can't look seems awful to put things in this perspective but it's true. They both are just flawed people, both tormented by demons of their past, both possessive and jealous. They are just addicted to each other and while reading it, i just was drawn to it, just how it's described their relationship, with such intensity and need for each other. I think one of Eva's line summs up their story, they're soulmates and even more,in many things just a reflection of each other.Now, i got to say, in many scenes, i was either pissed off at Eva, or at Gideon or at both of them...i had to keep remind myself,they're both way to complicated but they'll get there. And well, towards the end of the book, it clicked why he was behaving like that ...and that final scene, of what he did for her, left me spechless.Ah and did i say already that i LOVE Gideon?*sigh* Gideon, dark and dangerous , sexy and domineering, protective, tortured and tormented hero...Just ...Looking forward for the 3rd book!