Somewhere I'll Find You

Somewhere I'll Find You - Lisa Kleypas rating clarification : 3.5 stars Lord Damon Savage is coveted by every woman in town, he is wealthy and a handsome man. The thing is no one knows he is already married.Julia Wentworth is the most requested and admired actress in the Capital. Every man wants her and desires. But she is running from her past and starting a new life, to become independent and to do what she always wanted, to be onstage.The thing is she is already married.That's right Damon and Julia are married but they never met?Intrigued?What if by a turn of faith, they ended meeting and falling in love, for the very same person they always wanted to get ride of?I'm a big Lisa Kleypas fan, so far i ADORE every book i read from her. But i can't quite figure it out why, i didn't LOVE this one.Don't get me wrong,it's an enjoyable read, with great scenes and some passionate scenes too. But some parts of the plot didn't convinced me that much. Many times i kept get more interested in Logan's past than the main couple.The thing i did love was the ending, Lisa's always give endings full of bliss and happiness *sigh