A Summer to Remember (Bedwyn Family Series)

A Summer to Remember - Mary Balogh Oh i loved this book! We were introduced to Lauren in the previous book ...and i thought it was a character a bit hard to relate, she used this ice mask to conceil her emotions and i just didn't get her need to be always the prim and proper lady, even when she was just with her best friend Gwen. But i admit i was mistaken,in this book we get to see why she feels the need to be "perfect" and even why she needs at least a summer of rebellion, a summer to find herself. No better to help her than Kit,the rake in service (yes, we all love the rakes and most of all because, reformed rakes do make the best husbands ^^). What i love most about this 2 is how complex they really are, and what started with a wager and so much flirting (in his part) became so much more ... they tought they were ill suited for each other when in truth they were perfect *sighSeriously, their scenes together were just heartwarming and made me grin like a fool :D