Beyond Eden

Beyond Eden - Kele Moon rating clarification : 2.5 stars They were the bests of friends, Paul, Evie and Danny.Paul and Evie were childhood sweethearts, they were each other first everything. Then she went to NY and Paul didn't followed her.Now this story is set 10 years later, when Evie returns to her hometown when the city knocked her down. And who she reencounters? Danny, who still his Paul's best friend and roommate.And everything sparks and nothing will ever be the same again.(spoilers and rantings were warned)Each one of them have a sort of nickname, Paul Guy, Evie Girl and Danny the first times they said it, I thought it was cute.But after they say it in the WHOLE book several times, including in the sex scenesImmediately in their first dinner and hanging out together...Danny proposes to be together with Evie. The thing is, they need to ask Paul if he is ok with itOh Paul is engaged...and it's clearly that he doesn't love her. He will only marry her bc of his father's expectations and his political aspirations. The thing is, he is CHEATING her all this time with Danny!!!Oh and Paul is an extreme masochist. It really freaked me out how into pain he was...he confessed he asked his doctors to let him being awake during surgery!!There where lots of hot scenes between the 3 of them but many times, i admit Paul was the one that got in my nerves.Danny in the other hand was my fave character....I was completely charmed by him and gosh, he clearly was sex on legs. And besides all the hotness, he was the most vulnerable character and by far the one that loved the most.Well,this one sure is the definition of love triangle but no one is on the sideline *snortsI did ended up enjoying it but I just had too many mixed feelings(and things that pissed me off) to really like it. Maybe this one will work out for you more than it did for me!*egalley kindly provided by via netgalley in exchange of a honest review