The Redhead Revealed

The Redhead Revealed - Alice Clayton I was in desperate need for a fun and light read, so what best that the second book in Redhead series?Yep, i thought so to. Anyway, the story picks where it was left in the Unidentified Redhead, where Grace just arrived in NY city and Jack stayed in LA, both of their careers taking off.So in one hand we can see how Grace feels fulfilled in her job, she loves and feels a alive onstage. The thing is she loves Jack and misses him. Well, who wouldn't really? He's almost the personification of all my fangirl fantasies *.*Anyway, i'm losing track here...Where was why? Oh yes, the long distance relationship thing, that they sure made up with phone sex. Interesting, right?Meanwhile, while Grace is NY (and getting closer to Michael),Jack's fame is getting bigger and bigger, fans all crazy about him, and anxiously waiting for the release of his movie.So big questions do came up, is their relationship something to last, while they don't even admit it to the press? Is the age gap really an issue? Are they right for each other and they want the same things?I really enjoy reading this series, lots of silly, sweet and steammy scenes. Jack and Grace relationship is quite endearing, i just love the way they are with each other.The thing for me in this book was Grace attitude towards Jack Seriously Grace? You do that in his big night? You broke his heart like that not saying why? Later on, i did get why she was having those doubts and acted like that but it was still infuriating, i just couldn't get it.But yes, basically it was a great follow up of the 1st book, and if you're looking for a fun and light read, go grab the book.