Penelope - Anya Wylde rating clarification : 3.5 stars " It is monstrously unfair that whenever a girl needs her wits about her, she goes and does something completely idiotic." For sure Penelope is that sort of girl...which only brings some hilarious situations.Now our heroine, is a country girl, and with the aid of the duchess, an old friend of her deceased mother, she comes to London to find a husband.Of course when the duchess son,meets her he instantly dislikes her (well she does pinch his ear) and is determined to sent her away. So between a goat as a pet, fake mustaches, sensible highwaymen, a woman that isn't a woman ...all putting together with the endeavor of turning Penelope to a lady. Of course, we all know that the art of the fan is a woman most powerful weapon!I just found this story so amusing and well, just a fun and light read. It felt like a watching a play, lots of dialogue and action. In my opinion, the depth of the characters are not the center of it but the actions and interactions between them. It's not suppose to take it has a serious and intense historical romance but more like a rom-com on the georgian era. Yep, a enemies to lovers kind of story :)I need to say that many times i just didn't liked Charles,i understood how Penny got in his nerves, but he just kept calling her imbecile and so no, no. He does redeem himself but i still didn't forget! I can't say how much i laughed when he told her his misundventures in love and why he didn't trusted women,ahaha ...I mean c'mon, the amount of times he was cheated :D Oh and this one was one of my favorite lines: " All the good stuff is not for ladies." So true Penny ;)I want to thank the author, Anya Wylde, for sending me a copy of her book in exchange of a honest review. I had fun reading it!