A Night Like This (Smythe Smith Quartet 2)

A Night Like This - Julia Quinn I really enjoyed this book,the H/h although not my favourites ever, were endearing and lovely. I loved the fact they could tease and made each other laugh.But for me, the most amusing/hilarious parts, where how the 3 sisters, Harriet, Elisabeth and Frances, interact, just loved their relationship, Frances fixation with unicorns, Harriet with her writting (i can imagine a sucessor of the Mad Baron book :D), and Elisabeth trying to put some sense in it all. About the main story, i just tought the begining was a little rushed, Daniel has just returned from 3 years away from home, and instead of spending some time with his mom and sister, he "plots" a way to be with Anne. The whole revenge plot, with George, many times where just exasperating or silly ( the conclusions that he was impotent, i was just like...HMM? :o). Now the plot, with Hugh was a whole different story, i must add that i tought his character fascinating and woudn't mind at all, that the next book it would be his story.