Defying the Odds (Battered Hearts)

Defying the Odds - Kele Moon "Do you really believe in soul mates?" "I do now." This story was just so lovely and sweet...and it all started with a piece of pie! Yumm.Melody is the new waitress and on Thanksgiving night she notices Clay and how lonely he look.So she brings him a piece of pumpkin pie, the tab on her.Clay is deeply moved by her gesture, since she gave him something not waiting anything in return...and he determined to eat the pie even if he hates pumpkin pie. How adorable is that?The relationship seemed doomed at the start, Clay is a fighter, one of the best...a big and imposing guy. And Melody ran from an abusive relationship, still afraid of sudden moves by guys or smooth talking. But she is determined not to judge every men like her ex, especially Clay, the first man she feels attracted to.This 2 are just such lovable characters!!And the chemistry between this 2? Let's just say...Loved Jules and Wyatt...this 2 siblings are hilarious, and reading the dynamic of the trio was just fun.And regarding her ex-scumbag-husband Justin...So hell yeah i love that ending! 3.5- 4 Kick ass Stars *egalley kindly provided by via Netgally in exchange of a honest review *