What Happens in London (Bevelstoke Series #2)

What Happens in London (Bevelstoke Series #2) - So i really enjoyed reading the book, Harry and Olivia were really likeable and strong characters...and just the situation of how they meet was one of the most unusual and hilarious i read :)It was really a fun book to read and i got to say it got one particular scene got me laughing out load...i mean Olivia going to the drawing room, seeing Sebastian (oh i love him) reading the BOOK (previously refered in It's in his kiss, yep the "saga" of the mad baron,ehe) passionately and with intensity, to Harry, Prince Alexei and Vladimir (most attentive to the story), the buttler and 3 maids. If that wasn't amusing enough, they told about the "death by pigeons" (lmao) in which Prince Alexei says "It happens"...i was crying for laughing so much.And well it was indeed awesome that in this case the men where the most fans of the gotic romance..and really quite intense about it ^^