Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2)

Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2) - C.J. Roberts In the dark, he seduced me. I didn't want the seduction to end. Just OMG!!! This book is just mind blowing and even more of a mindf*ck then the 1st one. And every second I spent reading it was just BRILLIANT!!The kind of book you just can't put down and you can't believe what you're reading and feeling... He had told her he wasn't her Prince Charming, but what he hadn't said, was he wished he could be. Caleb... there were so many moments that i HATED your guts that whole scene, when you had sex with Celia, I just wanted to castrate you!! and other that I LOVED you, when we get the chance too see the man you could become. The vulnerability and above all the love you showed for Livvie."I'm not stupid,Reed. I know the shit he did to me was awful, I fucking lived it. But I'm telling you, monsters aren't born, they're made, and someone made Caleb."And Livvie...she is a survivor. She really is such a strong character. And what i loved about ther is how most of the time she was honest with what she was feeling, we could feel how confused she was.And Rafiq, you BASTARD...I guessed part of his story with Caleb but i never could have guessed the extent of what he did. That twisted f*cker!!I thought he was the one that had the business and decided to used Caleb to put down his enemies but OMFG, what he truly did? He was the protagonist of one of the most DISTURBING AND REVOLTING scenes I ever read when he is raping that girl from the bar ...I felt nauseated and from there I WAS SURE he was even worse then I already suspected.Well I won't say more of the story, to not spoil anyone. I did LOVED it and I must say that it was one hell of a roller coaster ride! It's intense, it's emotional, it's RAW...and that epilogue was PERFECT!!!This book is not for everyone, it's really a dark and twisted story BUT it's really amazingly written.I agree that monsters are made and in this one we get the full intake of what Caleb suffered as a child. The conditioning he was put through.It will make you think, what he would be if he had been saved by someone else?I'm not saying it justifies what he did because it doesn't but it shows how much more of a prison it really is. You can't see the chains but they are there.Can you break free when you don't know any better?Is redemption possible? The only thing revenge had ever given him was a brief moment of satisfaction, followed by an empty abyss. He was through with revenge. He wanted to feel full instead of empty,loved instead of feared. Love, Caleb reminded himself. Love was the purpose of all this. 5 darkly and seductive stars