Take Me (One Night with Sole Regret)

Take Me - Olivia Cunning Hell Yeah, this is Shade's bookOh Shade the things you do to me....Ok, so back to the story.In this one we get to know a whole lot more about Shade, ok he is the smokin hot vocalist of the band, sex on legs, womanizer BUT he can see that he loves a girl more than life itself, his daughter.It's endearing the scenes of him with his daughter and the precious moments he could be with her, and sang to her (i was all teary) in her birthday. Few moments, because saying he have a difficult relationship with his ex, it's putting it mildly. She loads him, calls him stupid, talks only bad things of him to their daughter, and didn't even told him she was having a birthday party. He only did know it, because Amanda let him know.Amanda,his ex's sister, the only woman he should never touch but the only woman that knew the real Jacob, that laughed with him and kept everything real.The thing is, for Amanda, she always desired Shade, even when he preferred and married her sister. She thinks he never saw her or taught of her as an attractive woman, but oh boy, was she wrong.I just loved this book, it was endearing, it was FUN, it was sexy, it was HOT. And when i say HOT, i say insanely HOT...i just wished the book was longer (no pun intended,lol). Amanda soon learned that a man with a sex swing, stamina, and fantastic upper body strength could fuck a woman into a state of delirium. Especially a man who knew at least forty-five positions