The Elite (The Selection, #2)

The Elite (The Selection, #2) - Kiera Cass rating clarification : 3.5 stars We no longer have 35 girls competing for Maxon's heart (or crown)...we have the Elite, the 6 remaining girls.And well, now America have to share him with the other girls, while being torn apart between the choice of a lifetime, Maxon or Aspen. Meanwhile, besides the fierce competition between the girls,the attacks from the rebels increases, putting all of their lives in danger, over and over again. Are they looking for something or they only want to create chaos?And a sudden turn of events, will make America question everything and the world she lives in...Ok, I need to rant now! *breathes deeplyAmerica, I lost count the times I wanted to slap you!!!!Seriously, I get at first how you would be confuse about your feeling towards Maxon and Aspen...but continuously going to Aspen and then get all jealous about Maxon? Double standards much? At least you know who Maxon's is with, he doesn't even dreams your seeing your first love. The one you constantly said at the beginning was the love of your life!!! SERIOUSLY? Maxon...sweetie, I know you only have this chance to choose your minds get it BUT i wanted to slap you too! We know you LOVE America, you're not suppose to look or kiss anyone else! It makes me pissed off and sad. I wanted to put some sense in this 2! " This hand makes sounds incomparable to anything I've ever heard. Sometimes I think I only dreamed that I heard you play the violin, it was so beautiful. These calluses are proof that it was real." See America? He LOVES you , your fool! At least she saw the least she finally made a choice!! HELL YEAH!So yeah, this book it was a treat for my masochist reader much angst!! BUT i still couldn't stop reading and after that ending I can't wait for the next one! TEAM MAXON!! For this one and more reviews go to:A Bookworm Confessions** egalley kindly provided via netgalley in exchange of an honest review ***