All Over You (Devoured, #0.5)

All Over You - Emily Snow Ok, i LOVED this novella.Many times, besides craving for a good and short read, they lack in depth. Don't get me wrong, i know it must be hard to put in a few pages, all the elements we get in a novel, attraction, sexual tension and characters development.And actually i felt it had all that in this one,making me eager to read the first novel in the series!So the story is in both POV's, Lucas aka rock god and Sienna aka Red.Lucas Wolfe Just his name...bloddy hell *.* Anyway, he is the vocalist of one of the most successful rock bands,his voice sounds like velvet and sin, and the lyrics of his songs just push you to the edge. He have that presence and all the women just trows themselves at him (i don't blame you girls).Did i mention already he is sex-on-legs-rock-god? No? Silly me!So dear Lucas, usually gets what he wants. He is all for one night stands where he have to be in total control, the woman has to surrender herself completely to him...oh and he doesn't do relationships, manly because of his ex-wife (that makes us even more curious what she haves against him).Then he meets Sienna, that is working in the wardrobe of his latest music video. And since the first encounter, when she whispers submissively "Yes, Mr Wolfe" he knows one thing, he wants her.And won't stop until he have her bound to his bed.... "You smell like apples," he whispers harshly before his tongue darts out to trace the column of my throat," And you taste like the best kind of sin." I want this man to kiss me. There've been so many times that I laughed about people falling head over heels for each other at first sight, but this is so different. This is head over heels in lust. (...( This is the most possessed by a man I've ever felt For this one and more reviews go to:A Bookworm Confessions