Mine to Take

Mine to Take - Cynthia Eden Skye's Sullivan was a promising ballet dancer whose career finished after a tragic car accident, that nearly killed her.She is being stalked, someone enters her apartment and go though her things and is watching her every step.She decided to move from NY and get a fresh start but the stalker is back. And she is convinced that her car crash wasn't an accident at all.She goes to the police but they don't have much evidence to go further and Skye is convince they don't believe her.She only have one solution, to seek Trace Weston, a person she thought she wouldn't ever see again. A person that broke her heart and meant the world to her... Trace Weston. Some men left a mark on a woman, a mark that went far beneath the skin. Trace had marked her years before. We get to know that they shared an intense and all-consuming relationship that abruptly ended.But Trace isn't over Skye. He wants her and this time he won't let her go.He will protect and have her...Is there a line between passion and obsession?The list of suspects keep rising and Skye must figure it out which one is friend or foe. Before it's too late...****I loved it! I just kept wishing it was a full length novel! I wanted to keep reading!But still despite some short comes that comes to be a short story, Cynthia Eden totally pulled this off.It was sexy,hot, dangerous and suspenseful!I kept wondering WHO THE HELL was the stalker aka sick psycho! And no, I didn't get it right *damn itOne thing is certain, I must check out other books from the author!***egalley kindly provided via netgalley in exchange of an honest reviewFor this one and more reviews go to: A Bookworm Confessions