Out from Under You (Smart Girls Finish First #1)

Out from Under You (Smart Girls Finish First #1) - Sophie Swift **5 BIG and consuming stars ** Love is an earthquake. It comes when you least expect it. It shakes your foundation to the core. It rips the ground clear away. Right out from under you. Lia have loved Grayson, from the first moment she met him at the age of 14 years old.And she was there in the moment where Grayson met and fell in love, with her older sister Alex. Her perfect, beautiful, daring sister.She was dare to witness they're turmoil relationship, trying to hide her feelings, trying to hide her longing. It's true Grayson was never mine to lose. And yet, somehow I lost him every single day of my life. I lost the "hope" of him. Every time his lips crushed against hers in the hallway of our high school. Every time I heard the moans of their teenage experimentation in the bedroom next to mine. Every time he promised to never leave her. It was like having to reread the same sad ending to a disappointing book over and over again. When they broke up 4 years later, Lia thinks, that at least she doesn't have to see them together anymore. She doesn't have to witness, the love of her life , in love with her selfish sister.Now 8 years since she first lay eyes on him, and 4 years since she last saw him...he is her restaurant, the one she is trying to save since her mother left. The word destiny flits through my mind as I feel that small surge of hope start to dry my throat. If this were a movie, it would make perfect sense. My long-time secret crush comes fatefully waltzing back into my life to sweep me off my feet and confess that it's been me all along. Of course, if this were a movie, the first words out of my mouth wouldn't be 'What the fuck are you doing here?' But they are. Because it's me. And the sad thing is, Grayson isn't there for her. He is there, with Alex, to announce their engagement.And Lia's feeling come all rushing in...near him, she still feels the awkward 14 year's old with the biggest crush on him.But does Grayson sees her the same way?*****Oh you guys, SO MUCH ANGST!!!!I was in angst heaven! I admit, this stories are so my cuppa of tea!What is more angsty than an unrequited love? To witness the love of your life fall in love to someone else? To see how his eyes light up for her, to see them kiss and whisper promises, to hear they're passionate moments? To be always in the background?And one of the unique things in this story is that it's told in a dual POV...even increasing the angst level if that was possible.Now, this story does have cheating but I admit I couldn't care less. Because, you get who I was rooting for,right? ;)I love Lia. She is strong, funny and just a good person.The thing about her, is she lets her sister make her feel insecure. Oh yes, she have sister issues! And I don't blame her, I didn't like Alex at all.Grayson...well, I was more torn up of what to think of him. I loved him and I wanted to punch him several times...okay, maybe more like slaps, to not bruise is handsome face.But this 2 together?HOLLY BATMAN!!!The scenes are scorching, are just to damn inflammable. To try to describe sex with Lia is like trying to describe air. Water.Fire. You breathe it. You drink it. It burns you.But above all, the story is about to be brave to seek our dreams and what will make us happy. Is to discover ourselves and open our eyes to what's really worthy in life!So yeah, I LOVED THIS BOOK!I started reading last night and ended up reading the whole things!!For this one and more reviews go to: A Bookworm Confessions *copy kindly given by the author in exchange of an honest review! THANK YOU